Concept to Cut FabriCAM™ Refines Every Curve

Discover a new realm of efficiency & accuracy with® FabriCAM™, your trusted companion in sheet metal fabrication. Our cutting-edge CAM software transforms your designs into reality, ensuring each cut is a masterpiece of precision. Streamline your fabrication workflow, minimise material wastage and optimise your project estimates. FabriCAM™ — Welcome to the future of sheet metal crafting.

What is Cam Software?

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FabriCAM™ Features
FABRICAM™ Sheet Metal Fabrication CAM Software

FabriCAM™ Sheet Metal Fabrication Software Features

CAD/CAM System Integration

Specialising in sheet metal cutting machines like oxy-cut, plasma, laser, and water jet. More

File Import and Conversion

Support for *.dxf, and *.dwg formats with automatic conversion. More

CAD File Management

Cleanup, entity reduction, and smoothing of CAD file layers and profiles. More

Material Properties Assignment

From CAD drawings, including quantity, material, thickness, etc. More

Automatic Correction and Editing

For problematic CAD files, including editing entity quality and closing open profiles. More

Cut Direction and Sequencing

Automatically assigned on import with on-the-fly tool-path generation. More

Part Import and Separation

From CAD drawings for multiple parts. More

Design and Editing Tools

In the CAD module, including adding lines, arcs, and copying/pasting entities. More

Nesting Capabilities

Both manual and automatic, with editing functions like rotating and moving.More

FabriCAM™ Specialised Modules

Fabricam CAM Software Tube Module

Rectangular & Round tube cutting NEW

2D and 3D CAD/CAM module designed to automate the programming of rectangular and round tube-cutting.

Fabcricam CAM Software HVAC module Sheet metal fabrication

HVAC Parts Module

Designed for the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning industry, focusing on specific requirements for these types of parts.

Fabcricam CAM Software Flat Parts module Sheet metal fabrication

Flat Parts Module

Tailored for producing flat parts, with specialised features to optimise the process.

Fabcricam CAM Software Costing Estimate module Sheet metal fabrication

Cost Estimation Module

Provides cost estimation tools for project planning and budgeting.

FabriCAM™ a revolution in Sheet Metal Fabrication

In the realm of sheet metal fabrication,®‘s FabriCAM™ software stands as a benchmark of innovation and efficiency. They are designed for perfect integration with®‘s precision routers, plasma cutters, and laser-cutting CNC machines, FabriCAM™ offers a full-fledged solution for the industry. Its capabilities transform the fabrication process, delivering unmatched precision from design to final cut, suitable for both intricate custom works and large-scale projects.

FabriCAM™ distinguishes itself with a user-friendly interface and robust features, supporting detailed designs and ensuring accuracy in every cut. This precision and efficient material usage enhance productivity and reduce waste, aligning with environmental consciousness—the software’s synergy with®‘s diverse CNC machinery portfolio broadens possibilities in sheet metal fabrication, from detailed laser engraving to robust plasma cutting.®‘s commitment to quality and innovation makes FabriCAM™ more than software—it’s a gateway to new standards in fabrication. Continuous updates and comprehensive support ensure users stay at the forefront of technology and trends, embracing a future where technology and craftsmanship converge for creativity and efficiency in sheet metal work. Warehouse® - So Much More Than a CAM Software Supplier 

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